Biomechanics of Soft-Tissue Injury

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  1. Soft Tissue Injury
  2. A Biomechanical Assessment of Soft-Tissue Damage in the Cerv : JBJS
  4. Bestselling Series

Behm Short-duration massage at the hamstrings musculotendinous junction induces greater range of motion. Strength Cond. Huxley, H. Recent x-ray diffraction and electron microscope studies of striated muscle. Ilan, D. Tejwani, M. Keschner, and M. Liebman Quadriceps tendon rupture.

Soft Tissue Injury

Jarvinen, T. Jozsa, P. Kannus P, T. Jarvinen, and M. Jarvinen Organization and distribution of intramuscular connective tissue in normal and immobilized skeletal muscles.

A Biomechanical Assessment of Soft-Tissue Damage in the Cerv : JBJS

An immunohistochemical, polarization and scanning electron microscopic study. Muscle Res. Jones, A. Running economy is negatively related to sit-and-reach test performance in international-standard distance runners. Kagan, H. Li Lysyl oxidase: properties, specificity, and biological roles inside and outside of the cell. Kingma, J. Wittink, and T. Takken Eccentric overload training in patients with chronic Achilles tendinopathy: a systematic review.

Liu, J. Milner, M.

Boppart, R. Ross, and S. Beta1D chain increases alpha7beta1 integrin and laminin and protects against sarcolemmal damage in mdx mice. Marturano, J. Xylas, and G. Sridharan, I. Georgakoudi, and C. Kuo Lysyl oxidase-mediated collagen crosslinks may be assessed as markers of functional properties of tendon tissue formation. Acta Biomater. McHugh, M. Connolly, R. Eston, I. Kremenic, S. Nicholas, and G. The role of passive muscle stiffness in symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage.

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Ogasawara, R. Nakazato, K. Sato, M. Boppart, and S. Fujita Resistance exercise increases active MMP and beta1-integrin protein expression in skeletal muscle. Parcell, A. Woolstenhulme, and R. Sawyer Structural protein alterations to resistance and endurance cycling exercise training. Paxton, J. Grover, and K. Engineering an in vitro model of a functional ligament from bone to bone. Tissue Eng. Part A. Hagerty, J. Andrick JJ, and K. Tissue Eng Part A.


Polican Ciena, A. Yokomizo De Almeida, C. De Sousa Bolina, R. De Sousa Bolina- Matos, R.

Bestselling Series

Grassi Rici, M. Pereira Da Silva, M.

  • Role of biomechanics in the understanding of normal, injured, and healing ligaments and tendons.
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Miglino, and I. Wayanabe Ultrastructural features of the myotendinous junction of the sternomastoid muscle in Wistar rats: from newborn to aging. Ramaswamy, K. Palmer, J. Renoux, T.

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Kostrominova, D. Michele, and J. Faulkner Lateral transmission of force is impaired in skeletal muscles of dystrophic mice and very old rats. Reddy, G. Stehno-Bittel, and C. Enwemeka Glycation-induced matrix stability in the rabbit achilles tendon. Shaw, G. Baar unpublished. Vlassara, H. Striker Advanced glycation endproducts in diabetes and diabetic complications. North Am.