La promesa (Top Novel) (Spanish Edition)

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  1. Christian Spanish Top 50 Bestsellers, December 2018
  2. La Promesa by Silvina Ocampo
  3. Telenovelas
  4. La promesa (Pecado 1) by Laura Restrepo
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An enthusiastic author, artist, teacher, and storyteller, his work is a lively documentation of the dreams, superstitions, and heroes in the bigger-than-life world of south Texas.

Christian Spanish Top 50 Bestsellers, December 2018

We don't often see middle grade novels that are bilingual and that include male Latino protagonists. Garza and Cinco Puntos Press have really outdone themselves in hitting on all of these areas that are lacking in the world of children's books Here's to more books like this in the near future! From the time he is a young boy, Neftali hears the call of a mysterious voice.

He knows he must follow it--even when the neighborhood children taunt him, and when his harsh, authoritarian father ridicules him, and when he doubts himself.

It leads him under the canopy of the lush rain forest, into the fearsome sea, and through the persistent Chilean rain, until finally, he discovers its source. Growing up Latino in America means speaking two languages, living two lives, learning the rules of two cultures. Here are poems about families and parties, insults and sad memories, hot dogs and mangos, the sweet syllables of Spanish and the snag-toothed traps of English.

Here is the glory—and pain—of being Latino American. Carlson has made sure to capture all of those accents.


La Promesa by Silvina Ocampo

By selecting poems about the experiences of teenagers, Carlson has given a focus to that rich diversity; by presenting the poems both in their original language and in translation, she has made them available to us all. The collection is eminently successful in celebrating the particular experience of growing up Latino in the United States. Some of the poets are well-known, others are not, but all contribute to the whole.

The same is true for those few poems translated from Spanish to English. This is. Twelve-year-old Ana Rosa is a blossoming writer growing up in the Dominican Republic, a country where words are feared. Yet there is so much inspiration all around her -- watching her brother search for a future, learning to dance and to love, and finding out what it means to be part of a community -- that Ana Rosa must write it all down. As she struggles to find her own voice and a way to make it heard, Ana Rosa realizes the power of her words to transform the world around her -- and to transcend the most unthinkable of tragedies.

This groundbreaking bilingual anthology, carefully designed for middle readers, is a mosaic of voices demonstrating the energy, creativity, and diversity of the fastest-growing minority group in America. Geared toward ten- to thirteen-year-olds, this is a window to Latino experiences north of the Rio Grande. Maria is a girl caught between two worlds: Puerto Rico, where she was born, and New York, where she now lives in a basement apartment in the barrio. While her mother remains on the island, Maria lives with her father, the super of their building.

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As she struggles to lose her island accent, Maria does her best to find her place within the unfamiliar culture of the barrio. Finally, with the Spanglish of the barrio people ringing in her ears, she finds the poet within herself. In lush prose and spare, evocative poetry, Cofer weaves a powerful novel, bursting with life and hope. Violet Paz has just turned 15, a pivotal birthday in the eyes of her Cuban grandmother. Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw has had a lot to contend with in her young life, her name for one.

Then there are her clothes sewn in polyester by Gram , her difficulty speaking up, and her status at school as "nobody special. This gathering of poems and stories, told in both the original Spanish and translated English, transcends borders as it invites readers into a shared world of ideas, visions and dreams. These three kids join other teens and tweens in Gary Soto's new short story collection, in which the hard-knock facts of growing up are captured with humor and poignance.


Filled with annoying siblings, difficult parents, and first loves, these stories are a masterful reminder of why adolescence is one of the most frustrating and fascinating times of life. The story should appeal to readers dealing with their own tween years. She is an author to watch. Love triumphs all and Chela learns that the love of family is something that never changes.

Highly Recommended. Esperanza Ortega possesses all the treasures a young girl could want: fancy dresses; a beautiful home filled with servants in Aguascalientes, Mexico; and the promise of one day rising to Mama's position and presiding over all of Rancho de las Rosas. But a sudden tragedy shatters that dream, forcing Esperanza and Mama to flee to California and settle in a Mexican farm labor camp.

There, Esperanza must relinquish her hold on the past as she confronts the challenges of hard labor, acceptance by her own people, and economic difficulties brought on by the Great Depression, and ultitmately discovers the riches of family and community. Pam Munoz Ryan eloquently portrays the Mexican workers' plight in this abundant and passionate novel that gives voice to those who have historically been denied one.

It wasn't until I was a young woman that she told me about her childhood in Mexico. I was so moved by her riches-to-rags fairytale that I felt compelled to share her story. Esperanza Ortega tiene todos los tesoros que una chica pueda desear: hermosos vestidos, una linda casa llena de sirvientes en Aguascalientes, Mexico, y la promesa de que un dia llegara a presidir el Rancho de las Rosas como su mama. Pero una tragedia inesperada destruye ese sueno, obligando a Esperanza y a su madre a escapar a California donde tendran que trabajar en una finca junto a otros mexicanos.

Alli, Esperanza tendra que olvidar su pasado y enfrentarse a las nuevas realidades de su vida: trabajo duro, aceptacion y dificultades economicas. Esperanza descubrira que la verdadera riqueza esta en la familia y la comunidad. Pam Munoz Ryan nos presenta un retrato elocuente sobre la vida de los mexicanos en California en esta apasionada novela que le da voz a aquellos qu.

Daniel has escaped Nazi Germany with nothing but a desperate dream that he might one day find his parents again. But that golden land called New York has turned away his ship full of refugees, and Daniel finds himself in Cuba. As the tropical island begins to work its magic on him, the young refugee befriends a local girl with some painful secrets of her own. Yet even in Cuba, the Nazi darkness is never far away. She lives in northern California. Reluctant readers will be encouraged by the open layout and brief text, and everyone will be captivated by the eloquent poems and compelling characters.

In fluid, clear, free verse, two young people speak in alternating personal narratives The book will provide great fodder for discussion of the Holocaust, self-reliance, ethnic and religious bias, and more. The freedom to roam is something that women and girls in Cuba do not have. Yet when Fredrika Bremer visits from Sweden in to learn about the people of this magical island, she is accompanied by Cecilia, a young slave who longs for her lost home in Africa.

Soon Elena, the wealthy daughter of the house, sneaks out to join them.

As the three women explore the lush countryside, they form a bond that breaks the barriers of language and culture. This uncommon story will resonate when placed in the hands of the right reader. As she helped her mother prepare the tamales for Christmas dinner, Maria slipped her mother's diamond ring onto her finger for just a moment.

La promesa (Pecado 1) by Laura Restrepo

But suddenly, the ring was gone, and there were 24 tamales that just might contain the missing ring. Can Miata and her friend Ana rescue the precious skirt in time? A warm-hearted story about a contemporary Mexican-American family. In the South Bronx - or El Bronx, as it's known to the people who live there - anything can happen. Carlos Papi , his wife Laura Mami , and their four daughters, Carla, Sandra, Yolanda, and Sofia belong to the uppermost echelon of Spanish Caribbean society, descended from the conquistadores. Their family compound adjoins the "palacio" of the dictator s daughter.

So when Dr. Garcia s part in a coup attempt is discovered, the family must flee. They arrive in New York City in to a life far removed from their existence in the Dominican Republic. Other parts of the website include mistranslated email and phone number fields, grammatical errors in his blog, and repetition of formal and informal pronouns in his listserv sign-up form.

Castro also maintains a blog on his website, but the Spanish version is riddled with typos. And many of the entries in English are not translated into Spanish at all. Other campaigns with videos have this flaw, too. Before its relaunch, the website also left a policy proposal up with a headline mixing both English and Spanish. Warren has been praised for being a policy heavyweight, and her campaign website includes detailed proposals on proposals ranging foreign policy to anti-corruption measures.

Her campaign had the largest amount of text to translate into Spanish, and it included several errors earlier in the campaign. Appropriate usage of the Spanish formal is heavily dependent on context, but even amateur speakers know that inconsistency is a big mistake. We're also continuing to update our website — both the English and Spanish versions. And yes, we have Latinx staff working on this and we're always working to expand our content and make it as strong as possible.

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Klobuchar could follow in the footsteps of other candidates by doing more revisions to the text to make it familiar and fluid. Navarrete, the adviser from UnidosUS, acknowledges that it is reasonable to expect that some campaign websites will not be perfect.

But the campaign websites of Buttigieg, Yang and Delaney have no Spanish-language counterpart. Even so, both campaigns made some mistakes. President Donald Trump is in a whole different category, and not a good one for Spanish speakers interested in his policies. Same goes for his reelection campaign. And I would like to see something in Spanish language, but is it the most necessary thing that we need?

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Design and production by Lily Mihalik. Kamala Harris Harris' site misused the verb "gastar," which resulted in her saying she "wasted" her life defending U. The error was corrected shortly after a congressional staffer flagged it on Twitter. Where Google Translate text roughly matches campaign text. Notes Great Spanish compared to your peers. Notes Castro makes an effort to write well, but could benefit from asking someone else to check his work. Common Mistakes Other parts of the website include mistranslated email and phone number fields, grammatical errors in his blog, and repetition of formal and informal pronouns in his listserv sign-up form.

Notes Klobuchar could follow in the footsteps of other candidates by doing more revisions to the text to make it familiar and fluid. Common Mistakes Spanish readers can tell when the wrong gender is used to refer to your mother! Amy Klobuchar This preposition means a person is in the river, not near it or by it.