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Below are some examples of typical disfluencies and those considered more stutter-like in nature. Stuttering can become more difficult to deal with as children grow older. They may become more self-conscious and lack confidence in speaking situations. If left untreated, stuttering has the potential to affect future decisions including job choices and social relationships. Stuttering is treated through speech therapy.

There are different kinds of therapy depending on the individual child and his family. Therapy also focuses on building confidence and enhancing communication skills. Families and patients are counseled and given support throughout the therapy process.

The treatment of stuttering depends on the unique needs of the child. However, the following are some general suggestions for helping a child who stutters:. Show All. Causes of Stuttering Show. Characteristics of Stuttering Show.

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Treatment for Stuttering Show. Helping Your Child Show.

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These situations may include talking on demand to an adult e. Refrain from telling your child to slow down, relax, take a deep breath, or think before trying to say something. Such suggestions may only bring more of a negative awareness about talking.

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Listen Attentively Actively listen to your child when they are talking. Direct your attention to what your child is saying. Maintain eye contact when the child is talking. An unhurried, Mr.

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Rogers approach to talking is suggested. Talk about your own activities through the day. This will encourage the child to talk about their activities in a relaxed environment. If the Child Is in Therapy Work closely with the speech-language pathologist and follow specific instructions given to do at home. Connect with Cincinnati Children's.

Less than 1 percent of adults stutter. Scientists don't fully understand why some people stutter. The problem seems to run in families. There is no cure, but treatments can help.

Stuttering | Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

They include stuttering therapy, electronic devices, and self-help groups. Starting stuttering therapy early for young children can keep it from becoming a lifelong problem.

Stuttering Also called: Stammering. Learn More Related Issues Specifics. See, Play and Learn Videos and Tutorials. Resources Find an Expert. For You Children Patient Handouts.

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Stuttering is a problem that affects the flow of your speech. If you stutter, you may Make certain words sound longer than they should be Find it hard to start a new word Repeat words or parts of words Get tense when you try to speak. You may blink your eyes rapidly, or your lips and jaw may tremble as you struggle to get the words out. Start Here. Treatments and Therapies.